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[CONDUIT #QBE-263069]: testing new additions to CONDUIT

Hi Brendon,

As you know from status reports for Usercomm, we have been working through the
procedure of getting new products added to CONDUIT (a process which was greatly
complicated by the disappearance of expertise both on the Unidata (Chiz's
departure) and NOAA sides).

We are currently receiving a number of NDFD products as part CONDUIT enhancement
testing.  Since you are one of the ones that requested the addition of 1-3 day
forecasts of NDFD data to CONDUIT, I decided to write to see if you are 
in checking out the test products and giving us your view of their use to the
CONDUIT community.  If you are interested in evaluating the products, you
can request them via the LDM as follows:

machine:  daffy.unidata.ucar.edu
IDD feed: EXP

Some comments:

- there is currently about 1 GB of products being sent in this feed per day

- the files that are currently being sent typically contain many more than one
  GRIB2 message

- at least two of the products are likely to NOT be decodable by your GEMPAK
  decoders because the GRIB2 variable tables in all of the GEMPAK releases
  (including 5.11.4e) are missing the entry(s).  I can provide the needed
  updates to the GRIB2 variable tables if you would like; updated tables will
  definitely made available to the GEMPAK community before the new products
  get added to CONDUIT

- the product IDs for the test products are quite terse.  These will be
  changed when the individual GRIB2 messages are extracted from the larger
  products and sent in CONDUIT.  Their Product IDs will then be similar
  but not identical to the products currently in CONDUIT.

- it is my opinion that some of the products may not be of great interest.
  NB: I am hoping that you will be able to comment on which ones are of
  most interest, and which ones are of little/no interest.

So, are you game to try out the new products?


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