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[CONDUIT #QBE-263069]: testing new additions to CONDUIT

Hi Brendon,

Sorry for the delay in responding...

re: testing out NDFD candidates for addition to CONDUIT
> I would be happy to test this out.

Excellent, thanks!

> I've put a request entry into
> ldmd.conf.  Can you elaborate on the product IDs and what I may need to
> do to set up pqact.conf?

Since the current set of test products are "files" that contain more than
one GRIB2 message, and since their Product IDs are _much_ different
from all others in CONDUIT (and HDS and NGRID), the testing will need to
be specialized.  What we have done is:

- request the EXP feed from daffy.unidata.ucar.edu

- setup an EXEC of pqact to act on those EXP products from daffy (see below)

- setup a simple action that FILEs the products into a directory
  hierarchy that seems useful (see below)

- use wgrib2 to crack the products to get a quick idea of what is
  in them (quick and dirty)

- Michael has run dcgrib2 on the products and then tried doing sample
  displays in GEMPAK

- I have been using the IDV to look at the various fields directly from disk
  files, and most I have tried so far look reasonable

> I am interested in viewing the data in Gempak
> so please provide the updated GRIB tables.

Michael is working on normalizing the appropriate GEMPAK GRIB2 table
(g2varsncep1.tbl) with ones from the NCEP 5.11.4e and 6.0 releases
(6 is not yet generally available, but we have a copy) and the
one that Chiz would update for the Unidata releases.  Hopefully, we
will have a good working copy of the table sometime today.  Whenever
we do, I will send it to you (or put it out in an anonymous FTP
directory and let you know where to snag it).

> Would it be possible to view
> the data in IDV as well if I point IDV to my local server?

I am looking at the data files in the IDV directly using the
General -> Files selection in the Data Chooser and pointing
at the files on disk.  This seems to work well for all of
the different products I have tried so far.

Here is something that might get you going enough to "kick the tires":

ldmd.conf additions:

exec    "pqact -f EXP etc/pqact.conf_ndfdtest

request EXP   ".*" daffy.unidata.ucar.edu

pqact.conf_ndfdtest pattern action file (put in ~ldm/etc directory):

# 20100421 - NDFD grids that may be added to CONDUIT; now going to daffy in
#            the EXP feed type
EXP    (......) (....) (..)(....)
       FILE    -close

This action will create daily directories of the products.  Since there is on 
order of 1 GB per day, you will have to watch your disk use.


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