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[IDD #SEF-720351]: Question About Level II Data for Non-Profit

Hi Andrew,

> After some additional digging, I was still unable to see much more than 16
> colors of reflectivity in the Level III product 94/99 I have been testing
> despite using the 128 value LUT files for debugging. I must still be missing
> something. For now, I am going move on from that issue but do have one final
> question for Unidata.

OK.  Please send any follow-up questions/comments to address@hidden.

> I am planning on implementing model data into SimuAwips soon, and wanted to
> make sure I am following procedure correctly when downloading model data from
> http://motherlode.ucar.edu/. Since I am planning on featuring all the major
> models, and will be transferring GRIB data down often from your servers, is
> there any sort of special permission I need to obtain? I don't want to hog
> bandwidth by any means and would like to assure I am not stepping out of 
> policy
> when I implement this?

We provide web-based access to a variety of data on motherlode for episodic not
continual use.  We recommend that sites that need data continuously either get
connected to the IDD for their data or, if the data is available in the NOAAPort
SBN, install a satellite downlink.  We have a NOAAPort ingest package that is 
available to all, but it is _not_ a fully supported package, so support 
on its installation and use receive lower priorities than other requests.  That
being said, we use the package to produce content for the IDD, so we keep it up
to date.

Your download use will be monitored in our routine course of maintenance of
motherlode.  If your access becomes problematic for us, we will be forced to
ban the machine(s) doing the downloads.  Again, you have the alternative of
seeking a partnership with a Unidata university for an IDD feed, or installation
of a NOAAPport satellite ingest capability at your location (house?), so there
are viable options open to you.

> Thanks once more for all your help, I appreciate it!

No worries.


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