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[IDD #UGM-754540]: stopped getting fnexrad data 01Z 13March

Hi Brian,

I found the problem with the generation of the GRIB2 version
of the 1 km National Base Reflectivity composite.  The directory
in which GEMPAK grid files were being created had not been scoured
since the beginning of 2010 because of the way in which the file
name pattern had been specified in ~ldm/etc/scour.conf (200*.gem* which
would work in 2009, but not in 2010).

I did the following upon finding the problem:

- corrected the scour setup problem

- manually removed the two+ months worth of old files

After cleaning out the directory, the GRIB2 creation process started
working again, so you should once again be receiving the products
via the IDD.

By the way, it would help us troubleshoot problems like this if
you would allow machines here in the UPC to request data from
your machine(s).  This is done by making sure that the standard ALLOW
line included in the original ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file is unaltered/uncommented
and by configuring your firewall to allow incoming requests on port
388.  As a reminder, the ALLOW line I am referring to would look like:

# Give permission to the Unidata Program Center
ALLOW   ANY     ^[a-z].*\.unidata\.ucar\.edu\.?$        .*

Thanks in advance for considering (re)enabling this, and
thanks for reporting the FNEXRAD problem!


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Ticket ID: UGM-754540
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