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[IDD #UHQ-202981]: LDM Configuration

Hi Adam,

re: LDM machine switch at Metro State
> I looked at my ldmd.conf file on bora.mscd.edu and made sure all the
> REQUEST lines were the same as they are on wxbox.mscd.edu.

Very good.

> I noticed on your LDM configuration page that I need to get my upstream
> LDM to add ALLOW entries for my LDM.  My upstream LDM is
> rainbow.al.noaa.gov; would you happen to know who I can get hold of to
> have them add the ALLOW entries?

The needed ALLOW change on rainbow.al.noaa.gov has already been made
(I interacted with someone else at Metro State at the end of last year,
and adding appropriate ALLOWs for bora was a result).

> Once I get all of the REQUEST/ALLOW entries in place, what else will
> need to be done to get this wonderful data to our new machine
> (bora.mscd.edu)?

Start the LDM on bora :-)

Here is something you can do to assure yourself that rainbow.al.noaa.gov
is configured to send data to bora:

<login as 'ldm' on bora>
notifyme -vl- -f ANY -h rainbow.al.noaa.gov

If rainbow is properly configure (it is; I just checked), and if bora
has needed forward and verse DNS (it does; I just checked), then the
data you request will begin flowing to bora.  The next thing, of course
is what you will do with the data when it reaches bora?  Presumably,
you will have also copied over the LDM pattern-action file(s) from
wxbox to bora. 


- have you reviewed the processing that you have been doing on

  If yes, what decoders will it be running?

- have you made sure that the decoders that have been running on
  wxbox are replicated on bora?

  Please remember that the decoders that you run on bora need to
  be compatible with bora's architecture (i.e., if bora has
  a different architecture than wxbox, then executables for
  bora's architecture need to be used)


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