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[IDD #CFS-640569]: email Flood Statement


We just noticed an email that you apparently sent to address@hidden
on January 15:

  From address@hidden  Fri Jan 15 05:48:47 2010
  Delivered-To: address@hidden
  From: address@hidden
  Message-ID: <address@hidden>
  Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 07:48:38 EST
  Subject: Re: Flood Statement
  To: address@hidden

  I keep getting this e-mail with none of the information I received in  the 
  past.  Please look into what is
  happening......Thank You!

It was lucky that we found the message at all given that the address
to which it was sent is not one that is actively used.

In order to trace down how the emails you are getting are being
initiated, can you please send us the complete text of one of
the messages you are getting?

Thanks in advance...


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