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[IDD #EBK-740396]: Permissions for datasets

Hi Niles,

> I am wondering about the availability of some datasets, specifically :
> NEXRAD level II data
> METAR surface station data
> UPP upper air data
> Does UniData distribute these to everyone with an LDM who wants
> them, or is that only the case within UCAR?

We (Unidata Program Office/UCAR) are funded by the U.S. National
Science Foundation (NSF) to support universities in the access and
use of geo-science data.  We do not provide feeds of data to other
entities unless there is a measurable benefit to the university community.
Since the data you are interested in are not restricted (like lightning
data), there is no rule that prohibits a site from getting the data from
a participating Unidata institution, but that arrangement is not
brokered/monitored by our office.


- is what is the relationship between UCAR and Star Institute?

> If a user external to UCAR needs these data, does that mean
> that the UniData LDM needs an ALLOW statement added?

The LDM needs to be configure to ALLOW feed requests it receives
regardless of where those requests originate.  So, yes, the LDM
does need to be configured with ALLOW(s) for the machine(s) it
is to feed.


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