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[IDD #GUN-888074]: Can the motherlode's "pqact.conf" and "ldmd.conf" files?

Hi Rich,

> I'm not sure who to ask here (so I asked both IDD and LDM),

Support-idd was the appropriate place to send this inquiry
(but sending to both did not hurt :).

> but could I get a copy of  motherlode's
> "pqact.conf" and "ldmd.conf" files?

I put together a .tar.gz file of all but one of the LDM configuration
files we use on motherlode.ucar.edu and placed it in the pub/ldm/config
directory of anonymous FTP on our FTP server, ftp.unidata.ucar.edu.

NB: we make no guarantee that the actions provided will work "as is/out
of the box" on your machine.  There are several system configurations
that were made to enable the actions to work the way that they do.

> You might want to consider making these available from the LDM or IDD
> pages, as I think these could be super useful for folks struggling to
> figure out the syntax.

The LDM is distributed with an example pattern-action file, pqact.conf
(gets installed in the ~ldm/etc directory), that illustrates the
pattern-action syntax.  Both GEMPAK and McIDAS contain LDM pattern-actions
files that configure processing for NOAAPort and other datastreams.
Since our setup on motherlode.ucar.edu is very specific to the activities
there, we feel that it would not be a good idea to promote the specifics
of what we do there.

Nonetheless, we take your point: it would be a good idea for there
to be a well documented example for LDM configurations for a TDS
installation.  I will check with the THREDDS guys to see if this is
already available (I did not see it after quickly reviewing the
THREDDS web pages).


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