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[IDD #MRO-975497]: I'm ready to go with the LDM!

> Jeff,
> You don't need to have WebEx to attend a meeting.   You just use your
> java-enabled browser.  The advantage over you logging in is that I can
> see what you are doing, just as if you were sitting in my office.   I
> will login as ldm, and then I give you access to control the terminal,
> so it's as if you were sshing in.  (you can type or go wherever you
> want).
> Let me know if you want to try and I'll fire up a WebEx session.
> -Rich
Hi Rich, 

I am going to send you to the LDM guru (Steve Emmerson) for the WebEx session. 
He is willing to give it a try, but is currently occupied. Can we aim for some 
time after 12:15 MDT? I am going to move this ticket to LDM and Steve will pick 
it up from there :)



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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Ticket ID: MRO-975497
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