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[IDD #ICA-648762]: COAMPS and NOGAPS data

Hi Paul and Brice,

re: you should be able to feed FNMOC data now
> And there was much rejoicing!


> I set up a request for the FNMOC feedset and we are seeing products.


> Tom, can you direct me to documentation with the file descriptions? I
> can probably figure it out but would be easier if it's documented somewhere.

Here are some web references that should help (last URLs in a chain are the
operative ones):

Unidata HomePage

    Real Time Model Data - FNMOC
      How to get this data?
        Data via the LDM
          NOGAPS and COAMP model output from FNMOC

    Ancillary Data Description
> Paul, thanks for running that.  I've been swamped over here and the pit seems
> to be getting deeper.

I know the feeling :-)

> Tom, the last part of your email on this subject was a
> list of IP's that you would like to have access into our system.  The
> firewall does not currently block incoming 388 traffic; that is left to the
> LDM config.

OK.  Just so you know:

I am still unable to do a 'ldmping' or 'notifyme' to what I think is your LDM
machine, xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.

> So Paul, that is something that you will need to update on your
> side unless you want me to do it.  Also, I haven't looked into the rtstats
> set up, but again that would be in the configuration file.  Tom, I imagine
> that the reason that ldmping and notifyme would work when you tried was that
> the requestor was not in the ldmd.conf.  So we should be able to set all of
> that up at the same time.  Paul, let me know what you need.

Paul: you should should be able to see if my 'ldmping' to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
from yakov.unidata.ucar.edu was denied by the LDM.  If you see a Denying
message, it will mean that the LDM configuration file, ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf,
will need to be modified to ALLOW us to REQUEST data.  If you do _not_
see such a Denying log message, and assuming that your LDM logging is actually
working (may seem silly, but I spend way too much time getting folks to 
correctly setup syslogd logging for LDM use), it would mean that there is
likely some sort of firewall block of the packets coming from my machine
to yours.


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