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[IDD #ICA-648762]: COAMPS and NOGAPS data

Hi Brice,

> I just checked the log and tmadisia.fsl.noaa.gov is being denied by the
> server config about twice a minute right now.  If you could turn that off over
> the weekend until Paul (or I) could get to it, that would probably be good.

tmadisia.fsl.noaa.gov is not a Unidata machine, or a machine under Unidata's
control, so we will not be able to turn its attempted access off; sorry.

I ran the ldmping one time just to re-test if we were allowed access.  My
observation was that we are still not.

> I
> don't know what it's doing to our traffic but it may come up on someone's
> monitor outside of the weather community.

We don't know what the machine is doing/for either.

> Sorry for the late request, but I've been fighting problems on my admin pc all
> afternoon.

No worries.  I wish I knew the appropriate person in NOAA/GSD (aka FSL) to 
about tmadisia.fsl.noaa.gov...


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