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[IDD #BHD-107104]: Fwd: NLDN Data feed

Hi Greg,

> I guess my concern was that a feed from WSI would involve cost
> and we are not funded for this particular project for that. If as you
> say, all we have to do is sign the license agreement and they will
> give us the data free of charge then it's no problem.

The data is free to ".edu" groups in NCAR/UCAR.  The same is true for
the NLDN data from SUNY Albany (who distributes the data to the
Unidata "university" community (includes UCAR/NCAR)).

> I'm not sure
> where they got the idea that part of NSSL is housed within UCAR/NCAR
> but it does bring up the issue - If we are getting funding from NOAA
> does this prohibit us from getting the data?

I don't think that the source of funding is important.  The licensing
agreement does, however, prohibit us from relaying the data to NOAA.

> I'm forwarding on your
> messages to Steve Williams and getting him involved as he has worked
> with WSI before and he is our overall data manager.

OK.  Please let Steve now that he can touch base with us at any
time on this issue.  Also, Kim Rauenzahn of WSI has been _very_
helpful in all of this, so she would be a good person to contact
(includes email) with any questions or concerns:

Kim Rauenzahn
Lightning Product Manager

> Thanks again for all you work with WSI on this.

No worries.


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