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[IDD #EED-675155]: LDM Nexrad data stream access

Hi John,

> I'm trying to get access to nexrad data. I'm beginning to set up an LDM
> server to get a downstream.
> What downstream dataproduct should I allow?

I think that there may be a misunderstanding of terms here:

In the LDM configuration file ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf

- entries that request data from upstream (feed) sites begin
  with 'request' (or 'REQUEST', case is not important)

- entries that allow sites to request data from you begin with
  'allow' (or 'ALLOW' case is not important)


- which are you looking to do: be fed or feed someone else

Next question:

- which NEXRAD data are you interested in?

  There are two types of NEXRAD in two different IDD datastreams:

  NEXRAD2 - Nexrad Level II data (full volume scan data)
  NEXRAD3 - Nexrad Level III data products

If your objective is to get fed Nexrad Level III data products by someone,
the LDM configuration file entry that you would use will look like:

request  NEXRAD3 ".*" upstream_feed_host_name

You will, of course, need to replace 'upstream_feed_host_name' with the fully
qualified name of an upstream feed site that you have arranged to feed you.

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