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[IDD #WJF-434775]: CMC data

Hi Harry,

Sorry for the slow reply.  The Users Committee meeting was yesterday
and today.  I am now catching up on support inquiries...

> How can we get access to the CMC (GEM) data via the IDD?

The GEM data are available via a point-to-point feed from CMC.
We can forward your request for a feed to the appropriate people
at CMC as soon as we know which machine(s) you would like to
setup the feed on.

In case you would like to initiate the request to CMC yourself,
here are the contact names/email addresses we have:

"Grenier,Michel [CMC]" <address@hidden>
"Beaubien,Anne-Marie [CMC]" <address@hidden>
"Proulx,Lucie [CMC]" <address@hidden>


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