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[IDD #WFA-619667]: Request for CONDUIT feed

Hi Randy,

re: I think you have enough info to setup processing of the CONDUIT data
for THREDDS but... (see below for an update on SREF in THREDDS)

> Yeah. I think you are right. We have that and the documentation to go
> by. One thing I did not see in your pattern-action file is the
> processing of SREF data.

The SREF FILE action is contained in the pqact.threddsconduit file I sent

# Grid #212 SREF_CONUS_40km for ensprod_biasc and pgrb_biasc

> Is that an oversight or is noone interested in that data.

Folks are interested in the SREF data; it is one of the datasets that folks said
they would like to see in CONDUIT (without realizing that it was already there).
More below...

> We are seeing grib2 data coming in over noaaport with SREF
> prefix, although it is NOT the memember data.

I just talked to one of the THREDDS guys and learned that THREDDS does not 
handle ensemble data.  THREDDS grib handling is being "refactored" right now, 
and an
ETA for availability is 3-4 weeks (there are a number of things being changed 
at the
moment including moving to netCDF-java 4.0).

The best way to be informed about the availability of a new THREDDS release is
to subscribe to the address@hidden email list.  This is done online at:


I was assured that an announcement of new THREDDS releases are always sent to
this list.

I apologize for my not knowing of the problems in serving ensemble data through
THREDDS.  My only excuse is that I am a newbie to THREDDS-related issues.  This
is a situation that I am now in the process of changing...


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