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[LDM #LOB-749740]: Acquiring specific data via LDM

Hi Noel,

> I'm preparing to acquire a Linux machine and use LDM to access and
> process some data.  The data I need is very specific, so I want to
> be sure it will be available.  We will be connected to the internet
> (DSL) but not connected to any national weather service/AWIPS networks.
> Do you know if I'll have access to Center Weather Advisories(CWAs)?

> They follow the format below:
> WMO    ^(FAUS2[1-6]|WCUS2[1-6]) KZ.. ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])([0-5][0-9])
> WMO    ^(FAAK2[1-6]) KZAN ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])([0-5][0-9])

If these bulletins are available in the NOAAPort SBN, they are available
via the IDD, so you will be able to access them using the LDM.

> Aviation Weather Center currently gets CWAs from noaaport...can I connect
> to that via LDM?  Or is that separate?

If the AWC makes their NOAAPort data available via the LDM, and if they
allow your LDM machine access to their LDM, you will be able to get the
data.  If they do not run an LDM, you may be able to get a feed of the
data you want from a Unidata community member.

> Finally, I added the blurb below from the person who's already accessing CWAs:
> "We get the CWA data from noaaport; to get via LDM, you'll have to
> configure your pqact.conf file to look for the CWA headers.  For
> example, an entry could look as follows:
> Those should grab all the CWAs.  Does this make sense?"

This makes it sound like this person is running an LDM.

> Thanks for your time and sorry if this message is a bit confusing.

No worries.

> I've only used LDM once and am trying to make sure certain data is
> accessible before getting a linux machine.

Do you know the name of the AWC machine that is running an LDM?  If yes,
we could do a quick test to make sure that the data you want is available
from them.  In order to run this test, it is likely that we would need
to communicate with that person so that s/he would add an allow for our
machine(s) to communicate with her/his machine.


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