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[IDD #DGC-319842]: Lightning Data

Hi Elmer,

> I have checked the system we get the data from and can see nothing
> wrong.


- did you run a 'notifyme' on that system and verify that it is getting
  all (or what looks like it should be all) of the NLDN data contained
  in NOAAPort

> The files are there as an example, nldn_200901604, where as the
> files that get written for conversion to MD files are every 5 mins in
> the form of NLDN20090141935.

OK, so it does sound like the files are being received consistently by
the machine you are requesting the data from.

> So, I thought that there was a possibility
> that something had changed.

Nothing has changed as far as we know.  We do not, however, get our NLDN
lightning data from NOAAPort.  The university community gets its NLDN
feed from Suny Albany's Department of Atmospheric Science.  This IDD feed
is restricted to university sites by SUNYA's agreement with the owner
of the data.  The NLDN data in NOAAPort, on the other hand, is intended
for use by NOAA/NWS users through an agreement between Vaisala and NOAA.

> But, over night 6 of the 5 min files were
> written, so I'm lost for an explanation.

This almost seems like there is a problem on your local machine.
Please run a 'notifyme' there to see if the receipt of the data is
sporadic (which would indicate a problem getting the data), or if
the machine is getting the data and the problem is writing it to

> I see those upper level files too, but have no idea what they actually
> contain.


> I will change the request line as you suggested.

The simplified request line that I mentioned previously should have
nothing to do with your receipt of data.  It will, however, help
reduce the load on the machine the data is being requested from as
the regular expression used is not as problematic.


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