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[IDD #QFJ-263578]: LDM installation Seoul National University

Professor Lim,

> This is Lim who asked your help for setting up ldm in Seoul National
> University.

I installed the latest version of the LDM on your machine, ssmgwdss.snu.ac.kr
(IP address this morning.  As part of the installation, I 
discovered that the clock on your machine is not being set/updated properly.
I added an entry to 'root's (super user) crontab to set the time using the
'ntpdate' facility.  After I get the appropriate information for the machine
to feed COSMIC data from, I will go back and setup the clock setting using
the preferred method, 'ntpd'.

In order to evaluate the network connection between your machine and UCAR,
I setup feeding of some data from the toplevel IDD relay node that we
(Unidata) maintain here in UCAR.  So far, the data is flowing very nicely
and with almost no latency.  This is a very good sign!

> Can you do for the setting?

Yes, the LDM has already been installed and configured.

> Do I have to be there?

No, the login information you provided me was sufficient to get things working.
Thank you!

> One another question about the ldm downstrem side feedback is as following.
> Can I allow many interesting persons to connect to my machine?

Yes.  You have complete control over which downstream sites you allow to 
Right now, the LDM is setup to only allow machines from the unidata.ucar.edu
domain (our domain).  We ask you to keep this configuration as it will allow
us to interrogate your machine to help troubleshoot problems if they arise.

> I guess it seems
> to be allowed or even encouraged. But the critical point is that the 
> communication
> line between my machine and NCAR side will be overloaded or not? If 
> overloaded,
> any wise solution to overcome the situation.

We be able to better understand how good the network connection is to your
machine as the current ingest test I am running progresses.  I will keep you
informed with my impression of how things are running.  Like I said above,
my initial impression is that the network connection between NCAR and
Seoul National University is good!

One last thing:

Please note that I am sending you this reply from our inquiry tracking system.
Please send any/all follow-up emails regarding the LDM setup and use at your
university to the From: email address in this reply, address@hidden.


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