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[IDDBrasil #LOR-884164]: [Fwd: Re: Imagens do GOES-10 (IDD)]

Hi again Waldenio,

Quick update:

I was incorrect in something I said in my previous email:  I _have_ been
ingesting the GOES-10 images from mopora.  I was unable to access them
from home while writing my previous email because I evidently changed
where they were being stored, so my ADDE server configurations for the
data were incorrect.  I found and fixed the problem right after sending
you my first reply.

I think that it would be useful for you to compare the imagery being
created by the CPTEC satellite division and that being made available
from our GOES-10 ingest machine.  This can be done easily using an
ADDE-enabled application package like McIDAS-X, IDV, McIDAS-V.  The details
of the servers are:

CPTEC imagery via ADDE server:

machine:          yakov.unidata.ucar.edu
ADDE group:       CPTEC
ADDE descriptors: GE-VIS, GE-WV, GE-IR

GOES-10 imagery via ADDE server:

machine:          goessouth.unidata.ucar.edu
ADDE group:       SOUTH
ADDE descriptor:  SH
                  BAND 1 -> VIS
                  BAND 3 -> WV
                  BAND 4 -> IR

The things to remember when doing the comparisons are:

- the times assigned to the CPTEC images seem to be off by 15
  minutes.  For instance, the image marked as 15:00 seems to be
  the 15:15 image

- the CPTEC images are blown-down to remove the GOES-10 oversampling
  in the element (horizontal) direction; the images from the
  goessouth.unidata.ucar.edu ADDE server are not blown down.  This
  will affect how the images need to be displayed so that a good
  comparison can be made.

Two observations after comparing one image from each set:

- the CPTEC images seem to be shifted towards the west

- the brightness values in the CPTEC images seem to be greater than
  the ones from our GOES-10 ingestor

I have included GIF files of today's 15:00 CPTEC and 15:15 Unidata-ingested
images to illustrate my observations above.


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