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[Datastream #IZJ-689237]: Additional Datafeeds

Hi Jeff,

re: I still may have some good news for you :-)
> > <as 'root'>
> > cd /usr/lib64
> > cp ~gempak/decoders5.11.4/libgfortran3.0.0 .
> > ln -s libgfortran3.0.0 libgfortran.so.3
> >
> Did this.  It appeared to be in ~ldm, rather than ~gempak.  Is that
> correct?

Oops, three typos: this should have been:

<as 'root'>
cd /usr/lib64
cp ~ldm/decoders5.11.4/libgfortran.so.3.0.0 .
ln -s libgfortran.so.3.0.0 libgfortran.so.3

I just corrected the link in /usr/lib64 on whistler.

re: try using the 5.11.4 versions of dcacft and dcmsfc

> Did dcmetr and dcgrib2 also, just for giggles.

I just (re)did this on whistler:

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin stop
cd ~/decoders5.11.4
cp dcacft dcmetr dcmsfc dcgrib2 ~/decoders      <- the 5.11.1 version were 
already backed-up

cd ~/data/gempak/logs
rm *.log*

ldmadmin start

> Did this.  After starting it, I did a tail on ldmd.log and it was
> freaking out with messages about dcgrib2 and dcmetr.

Because of my three typos noted above.  I apologize for this!

> I went ahead and
> shut it down, copied (all) the original decoders back and restarted ldm
> and it was fine again.  I left it that point for now.

Whistler is now running the 5.11.4 versions of dcacft, dcmetr, dcmsfc, and 
quite happily (meaning no errors noted in ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log).  We will see
the results of this test as data rolls in.

re: list of data "holes" you are experiencing in Garp

> OK.   Here are some to look at/for.  If you need some more, I can find
> some.  These are all in Garp > View > Model > Plan Projection.
> Eta 215, Level 500mb, Scalar: General, Any date/time, any field -
> Temp_C, Hght_m, etc.
> Eta 215, Level 500mb, Scalar: HAS, Any date/time, any field but Abs.
> Vorticity (s-1)
> GFS thinned, Level 500mb, Scalar:Convective, any date/time,
> CAPE,CIN,LI_41yr_K,LI_Surf_K

OK.  This gives something to look for-on/compare-to other 64-bit RedHat
Enterprise Linux systems.

> On another, possibly related note, the NSharp sounding data seems to be
> missing...  Dates/times are listed, but there isn't any data.  Is this
> possibly related to the decoder errors?

Yes, quite possibly.

> And one last thing.  Since this seems to be a unique situation for you
> guys, I think it would be easier if you could look around more freely
> and try some stuff directly on Whistler.  I'm going to give you my login
> credentials so that you can at least 'sudo' when you need to.  That way,
> you can do some experimentation yourself, rather than relying on me to
> carry it out.  After it's up and running smoothly, I'll just change my
> password.

Many thanks for this!  This will help identify and hopefully correct problems
as fast as possible (like correcting the link to libgfortran.so.3.0.0 in

> Thanks again for all the help.

No worries.


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