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20081021: LDM CUP->TYPHOON, quick comment about LDM-6.7.0

Hi Samuel, Brendon, et. al.,

Samuel Zehel said:
>We just upgraded to LDM 6.7.0,  and it was pretty painless.  Hopefully we
>don't see the same kind of problem we saw November of 2007, but you might
>want to keep an eye out.
>I don't expect any problems, but I find it interesting that we're
>receiving NEXRAD3, instead of NNEXRAD (same thing, different name)

The LDM-6.7.0 release notes include commentary on the changing of
the primary name for the FT27 feed type from NNEXRAD to NEXRAD3.
NNEXRAD is still, and will continue to be a viable alternate name
for this feed.

This change was made in response to a request by the NWS to
be assigned a LDM/IDD feedtype for their distribution of full RPCCDS
products to "customers" that had been getting the data via multicast
over dedicated T1 lines that the customers had to pay for.  It
took us a little while to convince the NWSTG folks that that data
was a natural fit to the NNEXRAD datafeed type since it is used
to identify Nexrad Level III products.  We changed the name to
better indicate that the content of the datastream is Nexrad Level
III (NEXRAD3) data regardless of its source (NNEXRAD indicated
Nexrad Level III from NOAAPort).



>From: Jeff Weber [address@hidden]
>Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 5:30 PM
>To: Brendon Hoch; Zehel, Samuel
>Cc: address@hidden
>Hello Brendon and Samuel,
>Well, we figured it out :)
>Brendon, "typhoon" is running LDM 6.2.1
>The "state" files and the way the LDM "looks" back into the queue to find
>out where to begin was changed in LDM 6.4.*
>Hence typhoon did not know how to handle the requests from CUP.
>We expect all problems on "typhoon" and thereby "shu" to go away if you
>upgrade the LDM on "typhoon" to 6.6.5
>Thanks all for providing the needed information, and please contact us if
>you have any further questions.
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