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[Datastream #IZJ-689237]: Additional Datafeeds

Hi Jeff,

> Well, I removed/rebuilt the data directory over the weekend. It seemed to 
> work - too
> well.  I started it rebuilding Friday afternoon.  By Saturday afternoon, the 
> data partition
> was at 100%.  I deleted the old data directory that I had just renamed and 
> started ldm
> back up.  By Sunday afternoon, it was 100% again!

Yup, there is a LOT of data in CONDUIT!

> I went in and looked around and the
> gfs0.5degree directory seemed to be the biggest offender, so I commented out 
> decoding of
> that data for now.  That kept the partition from maxing out overnight.  I'm 
> going to talk
> to someone here to see what we can quit requesting/processing to bring 
> everything under control.

Just so you know: currently CONDUIT contains both the 0.5 AND 1 degree GFS 
data.  The Unidata
Users Committee sent a questionnaire to the CONDUIT community in June (or end 
of May) asking
what in CONDUIT could be deleted and what new things were desired.  It seemed 
to us that the
1 degree GFS would not be needed since the 0.5 degree GFS output was there, but 
some sites
noted that they either could not get the 0.5 degree data due to bandwidth 
limitations, or
they wanted the 1 degree GFS because it was less of an impact on their routine 


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