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Re: [ldm-users] NOGAPS LDM feed dead?

Hi Gerry,

We appreciate your assistance in this matter. Yesterday was the first day that I've heard anything about this. Jeff Weber, of course, works with me, and he and I discussed the situation yesterday morning. He mentioned that you had been trying to track things down. Would you send address@hidden the names of the contacts that you finally got hold of, and copy me on the message? Unidata needs to be tracking such things, because we have worked with them for years, and we need to find out what has happened, and why we weren't contacted. As you know, we try to stay on top of such issues, but this one seems to have taken on a life of its own. Thanks again for putting the two people in touch with Unidata support. It sounds like you've done a great job of reaching out to the people at FNMOC and we certainly are appreciative. I really hope they will begin working with Unidata support, and the LDM upgrade would probably go much smoother for them.


Gerry Creager wrote:
Linda, Art,

A little more follow-up.

I talked to Jeff Weber recently, and asked essentially the same thing: What happened. Jeff had been unable to find who was answering questions on the topic of LDM feeds, and we also noted that the data were not routinely available via the usgodae3 server. I called several of my contacts in Fleet Numerical, and got several "no answer" responses, unusual compared to recent exchanges with them, so I changed tactics and called a contact at NRL. He had no idea what was happening with the data (the models were running and internal data distribution was proceeding) but referred me to the office of the Commanding Officer, where I was assured the phone would be answered.

What's happened is that the corporate history of LDM operation has been lost in Monterrey, and they're trying to rebuild that but it's not proceeding as fast as they'd like. I've gotten the two guys now responsible for keeping systems intact in touch with Unidata support, but it also takes someone checking status and calling to offer help if they go down, as monitoring LDM isn't something they routinely do these days. They're also in the process of replacing hardware and software. I've offered to make a trip to help w/ LDM (and have suggested a closer alliance with Unidata Support if that's their preference) when the new hardware is available.

We're monitoring the status here a little more closely now, as we need FNMOC models for our SCOOP work during the Atlantic Hurricane Season, so I'm hoping we can help keep 'em up.

I'm more'n happy to field questions, if that'll help, but the usual disclaimer applies: We're not FNMOC, we're just an interested and concerned user group who saw they were having problems.

Linda, of note, while they've been introduced to the Support side of things, the guys at FNMOC don't seem to be using it. If I can help in this, that's what I've been trying to do, and I've included a copy of correspondence to Support when there's been a software issue. If it'll help I can add a note to the LDM users list when we see problems.


Cote, Donna L wrote:
Linda, Art,

Gerry Creager has managed to reach a real person at Fleet Numerical and is working toward keeping their LDM feed up.
Donna Cote
Texas A&M University
(979) 862-3982

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Hi Art,

Unidata has been trying to track down someone at Fleet Numerical to work with us on this issue. We'll let you know the results as soon as we have information.


Arthur A. Person wrote:

We used to receive the NOGAPS LDM feed from usgodae3.fnmoc.navy.mil but back in December, it stopped coming in. I sent several emails to both the contact person as well as emails to a general contact address and have received no response. Since then, I think the feed has restarted briefly on a couple of occasions, but for the most part seems dead.

Is anyone else currently receiving NOGAPS data? Does anyone know who would be the best person to contact to get our feed started again (assuming the service hasn't been discontinued by the Navy)?



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