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[IDD #GGE-742484]: Is http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/rtstats/rtstats_feedtree?NEXRAD2 working?


> I see shu.cup.edu is in the list of culprits, but I'm not aware of any 
> mis-configuration on our side.

Culprits?  The feed tree view is not intended to indicate culprits...

Here is the topology list for the NEXRAD2 feed to shu.cup.edu:


Topology for NEXRAD2 to shu.cup.edu

      0 shu.cup.edu
            1 ldm.meteo.psu.edu [no stats] 
            1 storm.plymouth.edu
                        3 [no stats] 
                        3 [no stats] 
                        3 [no stats] 
                        3 [no stats]

The reason that shu.cup.edu is showing up as an orphan is:

- ldm.meteo.psu.edu is not reporting real time stats (it is the director for
  a cluster, and PSU is not reporting the stats as the director)

- the NEXRAD2 feed request on storm.plymouth.edu is evidently by IP address,
  not fully qualified name

The lack of rtstats reporting or requet by IP makes it impossible for the
feed tree display routine to figure out the linkages (IP to name lookup
is not done for speed).  So, lots of connections look like orphans.  This
is nothing to worry about.


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