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[Miscellaneous #OHN-840015]: Request from Colombia!

Hola Gloria,

> I am especially interested about to learn how to use the tools: IDV and
> Gempak. I was reading in the web page of Unidata about "2008 Workshop"
> that will be developed in Portland-Oregon (April 30 through May 3,
> 2008), but I did not found information about these tools, because in it
> appears information about other software.

I believe that the workshop you are referring to is described in:


Jeff Weber (Unidata staff member) is a keynote speaker and will be discussing
the IDV, and having a break out group in what is called "tool time", but this
is not a training workshop for the IDV or other packages.

> Please tell me if we can learn about these tools in this workshop, or if
> you know when will be developed other seminar or course in which we can
> learn about these tools or if you have some manuals or tutorial.

We hold a series of training workshops at our offices in Boulder, Colorado
once a year.  The next series of training workshops will be held next
fall in the October-November timeframe.

Since all of the materials used in training workshops is available online
under the section for the particular package, you could work through
the IDV, GEMPAK, and LDM workshops at your leisure at home.

> Thank you a lot for your information,

No worries.  Please let us know if you have any trouble finding/using the
workshop materials for the packages you are interested in.


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