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[Miscellaneous #OHN-840015]: Request from Colombia!

Hi Gloria,

> I want to tell you that I obtain my password from UNIDATA for download the 
> information
> and software. Until now I did not download any information because at this 
> moment we are
> in the process of buying a LINUX machine with high capacity in order to 
> receive all of your
> information. We hope that the new machine will stay here in April or May 
> 2008. When we
> receive the new machine I will tell you.

No worries.  After registering with our site, there is no restriction on how 
quickly you have
to download software you are allowed access to.

re: access to McIDAS

I regret to inform you that your organization can not be allowed to download 
McIDAS from
Unidata.  SSEC (the owners of McIDAS) very recently informed us that we must 
not distribute
McIDAS outside of WMO Region IV universities.  The reason for this ruling was a 
concern at SSEC
that McIDAS was being used by sites in South America that should be going 
directly to the
McIDAS Users Group (MUG) at SSEC for access to the software.  Development and 
of McIDAS at SSEC is funded by money generated from fees for joining the MUG; 
it is
important for SSEC to have as many MUG members as possible so that McIDAS can 

So, if you want to pursue access to McIDAS, you should contact the McIDAS Users 
at SSEC:  address@hidden.

Please be assured that the denial of access to Unidata McIDAS does NOT affect 
your receiving
data through the IDD.

> Thank you Tom for all.

No worries.


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Ticket ID: OHN-840015
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