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[IDD #IFM-792517]: moving LDM to a new host server

Hi Svetlin,

> We don't have any data coming in on fiji.coastal.edu.

Did you look at the contents of your ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log file?  If
yes, what does it show?  If no, you should.  If the log file is
not being updated as it should, it means that the system logging
is not setup correctly and should be attended to.

> I am
> thinking of reinstalling the LDM, I hope that will fix the problem.

The output in ldmd.log would tell us where the problem might lie.
One possibility is that there is some sort of a typo in your
~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file.  The existence of a problem in ldmd.conf
will be reported in ldmd.log.

> Since October 30, I don't see any nmc2 data coming on
> pleiades.coastal.edutoo. You mentioned that there was some power
> outage, but since
> then we don't have any data. The rest of the data is coming
> alright(NEXRAD,SAT,etc...).

What does the ldmd.log file on pleiades show?

> If you can help us with pleiades.coastal.edu would be great.

Can we get a login as 'ldm' to fiji and pleiades?


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