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[IDD #BUD-751400]: LDM will not terminate

Hi Evan,

> I am running an LDM at a remote location. It is set up and until recently was
> ingesting data from an upstream host without problem.
> Then apparently someone at the remote site unplugges the LAN cable. It was
> plugged back in and I stopped the LDM. When I tried to restart the LDM I got a
> message saying there was a pq error and to execute ldmadmin clean. I did that
> and tried to restart again. Then I got a message to use pqcat and pqcheck. I
> did that and restarted the LDM. I executed ldmadmin watch and no products were
> showing up.

This typically happens when the LDM product queue, ~ldm/data/ldm.pq, is damaged.

> I executed ldmadmin stop and the message "Waiting for LDM to
> terminate" repeats. I let this persist for nearly 30 minutes and still
> nothing.

This indicates that a process was hung and needed to be killed by hand.  It
is my experience that one typically needs to send a 'kill -9 <pid>' signal
to the hung process to kill it, and sometimes even that will not work.  I
the latter case, one is forced to reboot the machine to clear the hung process.

> When I execute ldmadmin clean it says another LDM server is running
> and to stop it first. ldmadmin watch does not respond to a CTRL+D command
> (only CTRL+C). The log says the LDM operation has been terminated.
> Please advise,

If you are unsuccessful in killing the hung process, I would reboot.  If
you can kill the hung process, I would then do the following:

ldmadmin clean
ldmadmin delqueue
ldmadmin mkqueue
ldmadmin start

If you are forced to reboot, you may still be required to run this sequence
to get things running again.

> thank you,

No worries.


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