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[IDD #VJN-743814]: GEMPAK

Hi Massoud,

Sorry for the late reply, but I am hosting a McIDAS training workshop this week,
and am reading email/answering support infrequently...

> So, the actual grid size of the Super National IR composite is
> 1008x1536,

Yes, here is an IMGLIST listing from McIDAS:

Image file directory listing for:GINICOMP/GSN8KIR
 Pos Satellite/         Date       Time      Center      Res (km)   Image_Size
     sensor                                 Lat  Lon    Lat   Lon
 --- -------------  ------------  --------  ---- ----  ----- ----- ------------
  76  G-11 IMG       9 AUG 07221  23:30:15    50  105
   Band: 4    10.7 um IR Surface/Cloud-top Temp         7.49  7.49  1008 x 1536
     proj:    0 created: 2007221 234323  memo: GINI:: Sat 14  SecID  9  ChID  4
     type:PRD      cal type:BRIT
     offsets:  data=    1280 navigation=  256 calibration=  768 auxiliary=    0
     doc length:   0   cal length:   0   lev length:   0 PREFIX=   0
     valcod:          0 zcor:  0 avg-smp: A
     start yyddd: 2007221  start time:233015  start scan:    0
     lcor:    1  ecor:     1  bytes per pixel: 1  ss: 76
     Resolution Factors (base=1):   Line=    8.0   Element=    8.0

> which covers the Arctic, Canada, U.S., parts of Mexico and
> parts of the eastern Pacific and western Atlantic.

Yes, I have attached a GIF that shows the coverage of the product.

> Since I'm interested
> in mapping out CONUS,

I am not quite sure what you mean by "mapping out CONUS".

> then the gird size would be 800x1000. However, I'm
> not sure what are the (x,y) values for the outside corner edges for
> CONUS. Any insights?

I think that 'CONUS' is a loosely used term, meaning that there is no
exact definition for the latitude and longitude bounds for 'CONUS'.
If you know the latitude and longitude bounds you want, then translating
into the line,element pairs that define the region in the NOAAPORT Super
National composite would be straightforward.


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