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[IDD #KXU-224227]: Another LDM server

Hi Wayne,

> What is the administrative procedure for setting up another LDM server at
> Oregon State?  Right now, we have a server at ocs.orst.edu and we feed from
> University of Washington.

You have two options:

- send a request to Dr. Harry Edmon <address@hidden> to allow
  your second machine to feed data from UW along with your first

- feed the data from your first machine to your second one to get things
  setup and just before you are ready to switch over to the new machine
  send a request for to allow your new machine from UW (same person;
  same email address)

> I'd like to setup a 2nd LDM machine and temporarily
> feed off Washington too.

Can you accomplish your setup by feeding the new machine with the existing
one and then cut over to the new one when all else is running smoothly?

> Once my new LDM server is fully operational and
> integrated with other systems, then I can feed the old LDM server off the new 
> one.

Your best bet is to send Harry a request for an allow of your new machine.
You will need to:

- insure that forward and reverse name lookup is working for the new machine
- send Harry the fully qualified name and IP address of your new machine
- insure that you have the bandwidth to receive twice the data volume you
  are receiving now

> Thanks,

No worries.


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