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[IDD #YHP-183592]: Penn State IDD service

Hi Art,

Sorry for the long silence...

re: Is access to your cluster restricted to sites on I2/NLR?

> No, there are no access restrictions other than what the LDM imposes.

Very good.  This will allow sites that do not have I2 access to feed from
your cluster.

re: Unidata's direction of more open allows for downstream sites
> I've had the .edu line in ours for quite awhile... I will add the other
> three to bring us into conformity.

Excellent, thanks!

re: we are considering opening up our feeds
> Hmmm... I guess I'd be a bit worried with that one... that opens the IDD
> up to all commercial sites as well as home enthusiasts.  As commodity
> networks continue to increase in capacity, we'd have to make sure there
> were enough servers available in the community to support the potential
> demand.

Yes, I am not 100% comfortable about this (yet) also.  By the way, my comment
was meant to mean that we would open the allows, not announce the allows.
This "stealth" approach makes connections by new sites simplier.

re: talk more about Penn State's increased role
in the IDD 

> Okay, sounds good.  I have questions about our data sources and whether we
> should have some independent feeds (such as satellite or other data
> sources) to reduce points-of-failure in the top-level network.

It wouldn't hurt to have an additional, redundant NOAAPORT ingest site, but
this is not desperately needed.  Right now, we redundantly ingest NOAAPORT
data at the UPC, SSEC, NSF/ATM, LSU, and the Weather Underground.  Since
Penn State is not geographically that far from the NSF/ATM office, it would
not necessarily offer greatly enhanced redundancy.  One of the big objectives
in having redundant feeds is to avoid data outages during solar interference
periods.  This works nicely when the redundant NOAAPORT feed sites are widely
separated in either or both of latitude or longitude.

> Enjoy your trip... talk to you next week...

Again, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you.  I have been involved
in a WMO workshop on satellite imagery "RGB" products for the past couple of


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