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[TIGGE #BGR-338705]: A problem when perform LDM tests

Hi again Yangxin,

Steve Chiswell (Chiz) pointed out to me that Linux sessions running from within
VMWare do not seem to be able to run 'ntpdate' or 'ntpd' to keep the system
clock set.  Instead, one must make sure that the time is correct on the Windows
side before bringing up Linux using VMWare.

Chiz also pointed out that Windows machines typically have accurate clocks
without the end user configuring anything.  This should mean that something
in Windows is going out on the net and setting the system clock.  If this
is true, then then it is likely that the clock on your Windows/VMWare machine
is OK.  If the clock is OK in the Linux session run by VMWare, then the failure
to send data in your test setup would fall solely on the clock on the "real"
Linux machine.


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