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Re: Access denied by remote server


address@hidden wrote:
We had been running the ldm 6.1.0 with no problems for a couple years until our server experienced a disk failure. After restoring our system, we are having trouble getting access to the upstream host (rainbow.al.noaa.gov). I believe we should still be allowed by host's ldmd.conf file. Below are results from notifyme and ldmping.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Rich Wagner
Meteorology Program
Metropolitan State College of Denver

wxbox:/usr/local/ldm/bin # ./notifyme -vl - -h rainbow.al.noaa.gov
Apr 25 19:58:56 notifyme[704]: Starting Up: rainbow.al.noaa.gov: 20070425195856.407 TS_ENDT {{ANY, ".*"}}
Apr 25 19:58:56 notifyme[704]: Connected to upstream LDM-5
Apr 25 19:58:56 notifyme[704]: NOTIFYME(rainbow.al.noaa.gov): 7: Access denied by remote server
Apr 25 19:59:21 notifyme[704]: Connected to upstream LDM-5
Apr 25 19:59:21 notifyme[704]: NOTIFYME(rainbow.al.noaa.gov): 7: Access denied by remote server

address@hidden:~> ldmping rainbow.al.noaa.gov
Apr 25 20:29:31 State Elapsed Port Remote_Host rpc_stat
Apr 25 20:29:31 ADDRESSED 0.005362 0 rainbow.al.noaa.gov RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection reset by peer
I asked the name of your server few days ago:

address@hidden wrote:
The name of our machine is wxbox.mscd.edu.

You told me the name of the server is "wxbox.mscd.edu". But from my log, you try to come in as "ldmfeed.mscd.edu". Please tell me which machine do you try to run LDM and connect to rainbow.al.noaa.gov?

Apr 25 21:08:28 rainbow rpc.ldmd[18881] NOTE: Denying connection from "ldmfeed.mscd.edu"
Apr 25 21:09:09 rainbow last message repeated 9 times



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