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[IDD #WLO-779174]: Goes 12 imagen

Hi Gustavo,

> Please see attachment's file, a rtf text, where I explain the problem.

Your explanation was _very_ useful, thanks!  (But in the future it would
be nice if attachments like this were in plain ASCII text so we don't
have to use a word processor to read it.)  Also, thanks for reporting
this problem!!

> It seems a error with hour, instead of 1945 it takes 0745, instead of 0345
> it takes 1545 ,etc. But most other  hours runs all right.

You are correct, AND I found the same thing on our machines.  The fact that
it is happening in more than one place means that the problem is on the
machine that is creating the Unidata-Wisconsin (IDD feedtype UNIWISC, aka 
images and injecting them into the IDD.  I will investigate this and fix the
problem as soon as I can.

> I hope you can realize if there is a mistake when running our scripts. If
> necessary tell me if you need more details. Here I go on testing new
> things in order to find a solution, too. If there is a news I’ll mail
> you.

The problem was not in your scripts.  It is at the machine creating images-for
and injecting images-in the IDD.

Even though you don't have a problem with your procedure, I would like to
ask why you are kicking off the GIF creation from a cron job?  It seems to 
me that you should tie your script(s) to LDM pqact.conf actions so that you
only create a GIF when an image is received.  This will cut down on the
overhead incurred when polling the disk (ls -t) for the latest image
received.  The changes that you would need to make to your scripts would
be small, and the benefit of not doing work when need is required would
be large.

I will let you know when I have found and fixed the problem with image insertion
into the IDD.


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