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[IDD #WLO-779174]: Goes 12 imagen

Hi Gustavo,

> I have found a probable problem with some satellite images
> (Goes 12 imagen) and their hours (at $SAT/GOES-12/4km/IR/)
> and the actual hour. This happens sometimes (?).

This should not happen.  Can you give us some specifics of what
you are seeing?

> I’m not sure if the problem is mine, with my batch and programs and so
> on. But I would like to check with you if you detected a problem such
> that.

A quick check of GOES-12 IR images ingested from the IDD/UNIWISC
(aka MCIDAS) feed on my workstation here at Unidata shows that the
date and time used in naming the files that are written matches
the day and time contained in the images.

> I stopped and started the LDM again, just in case.

This should have nothing to do with the problem you are seeing.

> Thank you,

No worries.


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