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[TIGGE #YSF-211129]: TCP tuning for TIGGE tuning


The network route from ECMWF to CMA seems to be much better than the route
from NCAR to CMA.  My testing has been disappointing in terms of consistent
availability of bandwidth -- especially in terms of very high packet loss,
sometimes exceeding 50%.  I am trying to learn more about the network links
between NCAR and the CMA, and the changing routes.  Manuel -- can you send
me a traceroute from your system to CMA?


> Hi all,
> We have just installed LDM 6.6.0. Please, let us know if you experience
> any problem.
> Mike, your registration to access tigge-ldm.ecmwf.int is on its way.
> Ricardo Correa (ECMWF) is looking into the network bandwidth ECMWF <->
> CMA. Once we know the result, we will work into why CMA inserts 10
> GB/hour while ECMWF only receives few Megabytes.
> Thanks,
> Manuel

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Ticket ID: YSF-211129
Department: Support IDD TIGGE
Priority: Critical
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