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[#JBK-899402]: Re: [NCEP.List.PMB-PCSP] TIGGE resend requests.


Ultrazone's LDM configuration-file has this entry

    REQUEST ANY "^z_tigge_c_(ecmf|egrr|rjtd).*\.grib:[0123456789]$"   

In general, requests for data should either be identical or disjoint
(although it doesn't make much sense to make identical requests to
the same host).  Will any data-products match both the above request
and the requests above it like

    REQUEST ANY "^z_tigge_c_(ecmf|egrr|rjtd).*\.grib:.*(19|39|59|79|99)$"   


There's a similar situation (and question) surrounding the entry

    REQUEST ANY "^z_tigge_c_babj.*\.grib:[0123456789]$"    tigge-ldm.cma.gov.cn

which is further in the file.

Steve Emmerson

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