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[IDD #TXI-514355]: LDM problem from tornado.geos.ulm.edu

Hsie and Adam,

re: Hsie's request
> Could you modify your ~/etc/ldmd.conf file and specify just PRIMARY
> source only (comment out ALTERNATE source)?  If you can receive data
> fine, let us wait until next version of the LDM software before you add
> the ALTERNATE source.  Right now your machine logs ton's of error
> messages in my log file.

Adam's changing the PRIMARY/ALTERNATE flag on his FNEXRAD requests
will not have any affect since LDM-6.4.x will autoswitch connection
modes automatically.  The only way to stop the autoswitching is to
make the request patterns different.  Right now tornado's ldmd.conf
requests for FNEXRAD are:

# NEXRAD Level III composite products
request FNEXRAD "rad|pnga"      rainbow.al.noaa.gov PRIMARY
request FNEXRAD "rad|pnga"      stokes.metr.ou.edu ALTERNATE

If Adam changed either (but not both) request patterns to
"pnga|rad", the autoswitching would stop, and the errors being written
to rainbow's ldmd.log file should stop.  So, Adam please change your
FNEXRAD request lines to look like:

request FNEXRAD "pnga|rad"      rainbow.al.noaa.gov
request FNEXRAD "rad|pnga"      stokes.metr.ou.edu

and then stop and start your LDM.

> Hsie
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