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[IDD #EPW-667205]: pqact processing AMPS GRIB files in the Antarctic-IDD

Hi Mark,

> It appears that I got closer than I anticipated on my first attempt.  I
> have not tried these entries yet.  I do not have an AMPS GRIB table.


> Should I get that from NCAR?

If you mean from the NCAR/AMPS guys, then yes, they would be the most likely
to have the appropriate GRIB table.

> Matthew said that you might have the table?

I don't know why Matthew would say this.

> Am I able to use the same table for NetCDF decoders and GEMPAK
> decoders?

Two comments:

- gribtonc is archaic and no longer fully functional.  Please use
  the replacement provided in the Java netcdf-decoders package.  The
  new decoders has the capability to specify different GRIB tables.
  There are approx. 30 tables distributed with the package currently,
  and we (Robb Kambic) are willing to add new ones.  The files are
  in ASCII format, so they are easy to copy and edit to match
  values for different modeling centers.

- GEMPAK also has the ability to specify GRIB tables for different
  modeling centers.  The GEMPAK tables are also in ASCII text, but
  they are not formatted the same way as the tables for the netcdf-java
  decoders package

If/when you dive into use of the netcdf GRIB[12] decoder and/or the
GEMPAK GRIB[12] decoder, please open new inquiries specifying
the different packages:

address@hidden            <- for GEMPAK-related questions
address@hidden   <- for netCDF decoders questions

Thanks in advance for helping us segment support questions into appropriate

Also, I just talked to Robb about the netcdf-decoders, and he suggested
that you try running the online ToolsUI demo:

Unidata HomePage
    netCDF Java Library
      click on: Try out the library through the ToolsUI application: launch 
from webstart

Any questions about the ToolsUI use should be directed to: address@hidden


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