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[IDD #DLF-613828]: Strange IDD anomalies?

Hi Art,

> We've had some hard-to-explain IDD reception anomalies this morning...
> seemed to start around 14:30Z but we've had some other spotty data
> reception issues that I can't pin down (e.g. didn't get the 12Z ensembles,
> and we're missing a lot of GINI data now).  I tried checking some other
> sites and can't find any clear problem patterns.  I do see that
> idd.cise-nsf.gov also has had some problems (e.g. HDS, NIMAGE, NNEXRAD
> latencies/volumes are disturbed).
> Is there anything going on that you are aware of that might be causing
> this, or, could someone investigate?

We are monitoring idd.cise-nsf.gov closely since we noticed high packet
loss (close to 40%) on its Gigabit interface.  Our current hypothesis
is that there is a hardware conflict between the newly installed Gigabit
Ethernet card and the fiber channel controller for the RAID.

Please configure your ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file to have redundant feed requests
for all feeds you are receiving.  Make sure that your requests are truely
redundant -- meaning that your redundant request is not from a machine
downstream of your primary.

Sorry for the problems...


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