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papagayo down?


Looks like the ldm on papagayo took a dive this morning. The last
NIMAGE product that I received from you was around 1315 UTC..

I'm currently failed over to idd.unidata.ucar.edu for NIMAGE.


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>From address@hidden  Fri May 26 07:44:58 2006


>I was able to get things going again on papagayo Wednesday afternoon.  A
>university electrician flipped off the circuit breaker for our machine
>room and didn't turn it back on.  Then, when I got that fixed, some
>software I had installed, but not yet implemented, turned itself on and I 
>had to figure out how to get things working again.  Anyway, if you want to
>switch back (if you haven't already) go ahead.  I'm working at home this
>week, so let me know if you have see any problems and I'll head in to the
>office and take care of them.