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[IDD #FFC-953121]: Main system memory v. LDM queue size


> re:
> > Thanks for the recommendation on the Sun Fire.  Unfortunately, the V20Z
> > has reached its end of life and is now longer orderable.
> Sorry, I wasn't aware that the V20Z had reached EOL.  We just bought
> a couple off of eBay for pretty cheap.  That should have been a tipoff
> for me.

Sun is showing the last order date for the V20Z as 06/06 however you
may not want to order an EOL product anyway...

> > The next
> > generation version which supports 16GB of memory appears to be the
> > Sun Fire V40z (the X2100, X4100 and X4200 do not support 16GB).  List
> > price on the V40z which supports (and comes with) 16GB of memory is
> > $19,000.  I'll have to look more into the edu discount, but I'd be
> > surprised if it was enough to get the cost down to $5500 :)
> I agree that an educational discount would not drop a price from $19K
> down to $5.5K.
> I am CCing our system administrator, Mike Schmidt, just in case he
> has an updated recommendation.

We've had good luck with Dell systems, specifically 1850/2850 hardware.
I'd avoid buying > 2 CPU (not counting multi-core) as the price goes up
very quickly -- as you found with the V40Z.


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