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[Datastream #SCB-883101]: Information about Frank's data

Hi Marcial,

> How are you? It's been a while!

I am well, thank you.  How are you?

Yes, it has been a long while since we talked...

> I checked before and I didn't saw any connections from you on frank or
> igor, can't you connect to them? If that is so please let me know, I
> will go (again) to IC and try to get that fixed.

I just tried to SSH to both frankenstein.ucr.ac.cr and igor.ucr.ac.cr
and was unsuccessful.  I made the SSH attempts from laraine.unidata.ucar.edu

> Frank have been downloading data for a lot of time now, that is good
> and we are glad.

This makes me happy also!  Has igor been working well?

> Now that frank has been working so nice, Vilma wants to use it for some
> courses and she asked me to find what (exact) products does frank gets.
> My question is, Is there a list or something like that about the
> products that ldm can get?,

To learn about what is availble in NOAAPORT, you should do some Google (tm)
searches to find the appropriate NOAA web pages.  As far as IDD datastreams
that are not related to NOAAPORT (the UNIWISC (aka MCIDAS) datastream
for example), you can look through the data pages on our website:


> I know that in Unidata's web page or in the
> ldm mailing list I could be able to find this but this have been a very
> busy week, sorry for bothering you with this.

Frankenstein should get the majority of its data from igor, and igor is
ingesting the NOAAPORT datastream from NOAA.  I just checked the volume
of data that frankenstein is receiving, and it is _much_ less than
it should get from a NOAAPORT ingester _IF_ it is requesting all of the
data from the NOAAPORT ingester.

Compare the data volumes being received on the Unidata LINUX NOAAPORT
ingest machine, jackie.unidata.ucar.edu, with that received on frankenstein:

NIMAGE feed on jackie:

NIMAGE feed being received on frankenstein:


- is frankenstein still configured to receive all of the data that igor
  is ingesting?

- is the data ingest on igor working properly?

> Vilma specially asked me to find out how to get the GFS products, but I
> think that if I can get that list I will be able to configure ldm to
> get those.

If the NOAAPORT ingest is working correctly on igor, and if frankenstein
is requesting all of the HDS data from igor, then frankenstein will have
GFS data in the HDS stream.  If you are talking about the high resolution
GFS data, I have to tell you that I don't think that the network connection
to UCR is good enough to handle the data.

> Thank you for your help, and again sorry for taking some of your time.

You are welcome, and please don't worry about asking questions!

I would like to be able to login to igor and frankenstein, so any
help you can give that will allow this to happen will be most appreciated.

> PD: Say hello to your wife, Atilio and Abbi.

I will say hello to Cathy, Attilio, and Abby for you!


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