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[IDDBrasil #XSZ-617864]: problems with solon

Hi Guilherme,

> re: slow processing of data out of solon's LDM queue
> Apparently, the system was under a heavier demand when it was turned
> back on, because these messages where no longer displayed - things look
> a bit better now.

OK, sounds good.

> Still, I'll be talking to David about rebuilding the system from scratch.

Some time ago, I had a discussion with David about loading Linux on solon.
I was quite happy to see the FreeBSD installation on solon replaced with
Linux.  Since then, we have learned that several generations of the Linux
kernel have a "FUTEX" problem.  Please do a Google (tm) search using
'FUTEX' to learn more about this situation.  I mention this to warn of a
potential problem if certain OS releases are loaded.

re: What does the log file say about connections being refused?
> Apr 04 02:29:36 solon rpc.ldmd[590] NOTE: Denying connection from 
> ""
> I've called Igor yesterday (he's working at Navy now), and he explained
> to me that the machines over there are under a firewall, so these ip's
> are actually from gateways. They're assigned randomly - right now
> they're using one of the listed ip's in ldmd.conf, the last denial was
> the one above.  Solon has no downstream filtering, and they can reach
> CPTEC - so its not a firewall issue over there. I wonder if this is
> related with the update to LDM 6.4.5 .

I grabbed Steve Emmerson to take a look at your allow line, and he noted that
it was incorrect.

You had:

allow   ANY     ^200\.244\.76\.*$

and it should be:

allow   ANY     ^200\.244\.76\..*$

I logged onto solon as 'ldm' and did the following:

- corrected the allow line above
- commented out the explicit allow lines:

allow   ANY     ^200\.244\.76\.125$
allow   ANY     ^200\.244\.76\.122$

- restarted the LDM:

ldmadmin restart

We see the Navy machine connecting correctly:

less ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log
Apr 04 20:15:24 solon[36611] NOTE: Starting Up(6.4.5/6): 
20060404200129.892 TS_ENDT {{UNIWISC,  "GOES-12"}}, Alternate
Apr 04 20:15:24 solon[36611] NOTE: topo: 
{{UNIWISC, (.*)}}

re: good news on AGU travel assistance
> That sounds really good!! I'll be waiting for your email (and thinking
> about the poster :-) ).

You should also begin the process of getting a visa.

> I was about to ask that: is this the eSupport system you talked before?

Yes, we are now using eSupport (SupportSuite actually, http://www.kayako.com).
So, if/when you get a reply to a question from SupportSuite, please reply
to the From: address that the message will have AND leave the ticket
ID in the Subject: line of the email.  This will insure that the message
gets put into the inquiry tracking system and be associated with the
message(s) it belongs with.


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