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RE: [IDD #SKM-230294]: ldm CONDUIT feed missing


I already had restarted and rebuilt my queue and that didn't help.
Changing the request from thelma to the idd server seems to have done
the trick.
I am getting CONDUIT data again.  Its weird that the other data types
were unaffected though.

Oh well, it works now.



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Sent: Monday, January 16, 2006 4:05 PM
To: David Fitzgerald
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Subject: [IDD #SKM-230294]: ldm CONDUIT feed missing

Hi Dave,

First, we are testing out a new inquiry tracking (helpdesk) system.
remember to include the ticket ID in the Subject: line of all future
related to this inquiry.  Thanks!

> I have not been receiving the CONDUIT feed since the fourteenth.
> Normally I pull from Thelma, and my logs indicate that CONDUIT
> have been sent to Thelma and there are no errors regarding this
> I can see.  A notifyme shows Thelma is receiving the data, but I
> am not getting it here.  

First, the fact that a 'notifyme' run from your end that shows that your
upstream is receiving data that you want indicates that you are allowed
request the data.  Please check your ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log file to see if
are any comments about your feed request.

Second, please change your request(s) from thelma.ucar.edu to
The machine that was thelma previously (a Sun SunFire 480R) was retired
in late spring 2005.  The toplevel IDD relay that we maintain,
should honor requests made to thelma.ucar.edu, but it would be better to
your request so the real time statistics 'topology' page can display the
path the
data takes in getting delivered to you.

> Other datatypes from Thelma are coming in just
> fine.  Could you check thelma's logs and see if there any problems
> feeding twister.millersville.edu?

We are seeing numerous messages of the following sort in
log files:

Jan 16 18:34:39 uni2 twister(feed)[31021]: upc6.c:287: nullproc_6()
failure to twister.millersville.edu: RPC: Timed out

After getting a final 'errno = Connection timed out' message, we see a
new 'topo'
for CONDUIT feed to twister.

> Any odeas on what to check on my end?

Please check your log file(s) to see what kind of error messages you are
If your problem persists, I suggest restarting your LDM, or, as a final
stopping the LDM; deleting and remaking the queue; and restarting.

> Thanks!

No worries.

> Dave
> +++++++++++++++++++++++
> David Fitzgerald
> Department of Earth Sciences
> Millersville University
> Millersville Pa 17551
> Phone: 717-871-2394


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