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[IDD #SKM-230294]: ldm CONDUIT feed missing

Hi David,

Looking at latency charts for IDS|DDPLUS:

and at



and knowing you can do a "notifyme" to idd.unidata and see the CONDUIT data, we 
come to the conclusion
that there may (probably is) be some volume shaping of your data ingest...or 
your pipe is full.

Note how the latency is hovering around zero for IDS|DDPLUS barring the times 
that it coincides with CONDUIT transmission, and that CONDUIT always has a high 
latency other than at the very start of the model runs.

We suggest contacting your IT dept and question there use of volume or "packet" 
shaping on port 388 (the LDM port), and encourage them to open that port wide 

Also, what is your queue size?...we see you are ingesting up to 2.5 GB/hour

It would be desirable to have a couple of hours, or a minimum of an hour, of 
data in your queue, so if your queue is smaller than 2.5GB it could become 


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