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20051222: NEXRAD data in text or binary format (cont.)

>From: "Margarita Mihailidi" <address@hidden>
>Organization: CCNY
>Keywords: 200512221446.jBMEkf7s000741 IDD NNEXRAD McIDAS ADDE

Hi Margarita,

>Thank a lot for the detailed information. May be you can answer my specific 
>question. Do you have level IV NEXRAD data in binary or text format (may be 
>archived)that we could import into research models in matlab or other home 
>made software (C++, ...) ?

Sorry for not being more explicit in my last email.

Since I was not familiar with 'NEXRAD Level IV' I did a quick Google (tm)
search and found the following definition:


    The archive Level IV interface is located at the PUP. Any data or
    information available at the PUP may also be recorded on SCSI tape
    or WORM Optical disk at the discretion of the PUP operator. These
    Level IV data are generally for local use and are not permanently
    archived at NCDC.

We do not have access to or distribute NEXRAD Level IV data.

The realtime Level III data available from the NWS through NOAAPORT
is the type of NEXRAD data that we have been distributing in the IDD
for a number of years:


    The archive Level III interface is located at the RPG. A set of
    pre-determined products defined in FMH-11 part A, comprise the
    Level III data which is archived on WORM Optical Disk and sent to
    NCDC for permanent storage.

    The archive Level II interface is also located at the RDA. The
    Level II data are digital base data output from the signal
    processor and include base reflectivity, mean radial velocity and
    spectrum width. The output also includes information on
    synchronization, calibration, date, time, antenna position, and
    operational mode. Level II data are recorded on 8 mm magnetic tape
    and sent to NCDC for permanent storage.

The NWS adopted the use of the Unidata LDM/IDD to collect and
distribute the full volume scan NEXRAD Level II data.  The comment
about the Level II data being recorded on 8 mm magnetic tape and sent
to the National Climactic Data Center (NCDC) is now archaic.

Both Level II and Level III data are in the standard binary formats
that are used by the National Weather Service and are available from
the NCDC.  Given the definition of Level IV data found on the NCDC
site, They are apparently not the kind/format of data you are looking

Whether or not Level II/III data can be imported "as is" into research
models in Matlab or other software I can not say as this would depend
on the import capability of the model/package in question.  I believe,
however, that the NWS now uses the Level II data in their modeling

>Thanks again.

No worries.


Tom Yoksas
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