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20051222: NLDN data access in NOAAPORT (cont.)

>From: Deirdre Garvey <address@hidden>
>Organization: NCAR/RAL
>Keywords: 200512220023.jBM0Ne7s000956 IDD lightning

Hi Deirdre,

re: NLDN data availability in NOAAPORT/IDD

No worries.

>How often does the lightning data arrive? Is it minute-ly or
>every 5 minutes with the previous 5 minutes of data?

The output from the example notifyme commands will answer this for you.
Here is an example for the US products:

notifyme -vxl- -f HDS -p SFUS41
Dec 22 17:54:53 notifyme[2775]: Starting Up: localhost: 20051222175453.982 
TS_ENDT {{HDS,  "SFUS41"}}
Dec 22 17:54:53 notifyme[2775]: Connected to upstream LDM-5
        NOTIFYME(localhost) returns OK
Dec 22 17:54:54 notifyme[2775]: NOTIFYME(localhost): OK
Dec 22 17:55:35 notifyme[2775]: e4ace722cbe45fb742d4aadb47d89546      408 
20051222175535.999   HDS 1285103  SFUS41 KWBC 221618
Dec 22 17:56:19 notifyme[2775]: ff8f6aa108fe7d4d62df5625d39e45d3      408 
20051222175619.237   HDS 1285532  SFUS41 KWBC 221618
Dec 22 17:57:29 notifyme[2775]: da06e58fc48c898430df83605aa9c4b6      402 
20051222175729.626   HDS 1286058  SFUS41 KWBC 221618

This (truncated) listing shows that the first SFUS41 product was received
at 20051222175535.999; the next one was received at 20051222175619.237;
the third at 20051222175729.626.  The times in these are:


The time delta looks to be on the order of one minute:

2-1 = ~44 s
3-2 = ~70 s


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