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20050829: 20050829: METAR - SPECI in IDD feed

>From: Giovanni Dolif Neto <address@hidden>
>Organization: INPE/CPTEC
>Keywords: 200508291727.j7THRpjo000032 IDD datastream content

Hi Giovanni, 

>I am already using the ".*" regular expression in the ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf
>'request' line. So, what should I do to process all the data I'm receiving?

I am assuming you are talking about using GEMPAK to display the data
you are interested in....

In GEMPAK, the SPECIs are stored in the GEMPAK surface file without
being decoded.  This means that you will not be able to plot them,
but you can list them using SFLIST or NWX.

Are you able to plot the 20 minute observations in GEMPAK?  You
should be able to do this automatically in NMAP2 when you plot
a range of times.

>Thanks,  Giovanni

No worries.


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>From address@hidden  Mon Aug 29 16:24:54 2005

Hi Tom,

I did it to see the SPECIs in GEMPAK-NWX. Thanks.
Yes, I'm able to plot automatically the 20 minute observations in NMAP2.

Cheers,  Giovanni