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20050829: METAR - SPECI in IDD feed

>From: Giovanni Dolif Neto <address@hidden>
>Organization: INPE/CPTEC
>Keywords: 200508291727.j7THRpjo000032 IDD datastream content

Hi Giovanni, 

>Could you help me to change the time interval on getting METAR data by LDM ?
>The actual interval is 20 min and with this interval I miss SPECI messagens.
>What do you suggest me to do?

The IDD streams contain all of the data that is available, so as long
as you are requesting the entire stream (the ".*" regular expression
used in a ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf 'request' line), you will be getting
everthing that is available.

Perhaps you are not processing all of the data you are receiving?

>PS: I'm following KATRINA using Gemapak. Fabulous but Catastrophic!!

Yes, it is an incredible storm!

>Giovanni Dolif Neto 
>Meteorologista (Msc.) - CPTEC/INPE
>Tel.: (12) 3186-8459


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