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20050219: real time statistics reporting to Unidata (cont.)

>From: Bob Lipschutz <address@hidden>
>Organization: NOAA/FSL
>Keywords: 200502190020.j1J0KBv2025405 IDD rtstats ldm-6.2.1

Hi Bob,

>Thanks for the info, Tom.  We seem to be back in business.

OK, Sounds good, but I have an observation.

The FSL machines that were sending real time stats before
the Tuesday glitch were:


I see from the rtstats pages:


that eldm4 is once again reporting stats.  I do not see, however,
any reports from montana or slug.  Should these machines be reporting
stats, or were they turned off/repurposed?

>Of course, we had just started running rtstats recently on
>several of our external distribution and ingest servers.


>FYI, we intend to migrate from 6.0.14 to 6.2.1, but it may
>take us a while.

No worries.

>At last count, we were running LDM on
>over 3 dozen production and integration Central Facility 
>data systems.


>We also have a number of client applications 
>that link to the LDM library, so we'll need to take it slowly...
>Bob Lipschutz

OK, I understand completely.

Thanks for the quick repl!

>p.s. I'm the lead configurer of our data systems and Patrick
>Hildreth is my protege/partner-in-crime in this effort. However,
>the best contact for any real-time data issues is our Operators
>(address@hidden, x6887).  They presently monitor our
>systems 7am-7pm M-F, 11am-7pm Sat/Sun.  They will troubleshoot 
>or contact one of us data systems people, as needed.

Thanks for this information.  I will better know who to contact
in the future.


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