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20050211: IDD-Antarctic

>From:  "Vehorn, Robert  SPAWAR" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  SPAWAR
>Keywords:  200502111513.j1BFDDv2020366 IDD-Antarctic data ingest and insertion

Hi Bob,

>Thanks again for a great workshop!

Steve gets the credit for a well organized and directed workshop.  I
am CCing him on your note so he can receive the kudos.

>I've been practicing what I learned
>and actually have a working LDM box in my lab now.


>I have two questions
>for you this morning.  First, is there a site that I can use to request
>data from for testing?

>I would like to receive some text data so that I
>can configure and test a way to transfer obs to our display system (no,
>it's not the IDV, yet!).  Distribution would be limited to my lab only.

No worries.  Please send me the name and IP address of the machine(s)
you would like us to feed.  We will make sure to add it/them to the
allow lines on one or more of our LDM relays.  This will likely be

>Second, what do you believe would be the best way to inject locally
>generated obs into the local LDM?  We are creating WMO formatted
>messages (SAAA XXXX...) on a Windoze box using software that we wrote in
>Java.  I can send it over in a number of ways (sockets, ftp, etc.) but
>am unsure at this point which would be easiest for the LDM to accept.

At some point, the observations should be "inserted" into the LDM
queue.  Since you are a receive only site (as per our discussions
during the workshop), I would suggest that you somehow get the
observations over to your LDM machine and then use the LDM utility
'pqinsert' with feed type 'IDS|DDPLUS'.  The think you will have to
play with is the creation of metadata so that it looks like those in
the GTS.  Once the extra data is in the stream, decoders for a variety
of packages will be able to put the information in a format that they
need (e.g., GEMPAK, etc.).  So, it seems to me that the work to be done

- get the data from the windows box to the machine running your LDM

- create the appropriate header metadata

- use pqinsert to insert the products into the LDM's queue

>Thanks again,
>Bob Vehorn

No worries.  It was great to have such an astute class for the
workshop.  It certainly made it easier to get down to the essence of
the application and how it can be used.


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